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What is Fusion Recovery?

We are a group of dedicated clinicians who recognize that a “one-path” system of treatment for everyone is desperately failing those who suffer from substance abuse issues. There are as many ways of recovering from addiction as there are types of people. Our outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment is a fusion of traditional recovery, modern medicine, holistic treatment, psychiatry, and evidence based group and individual counseling techniques. We thoroughly assess each client and help them create a customized and effective plan for their recovery based on their values and goals. No client has the same path as another. You’re a unique individual at Fusion Recovery and we help you get to both the cause and underlying issues fueling your substance use.

Our goal? Better, more effective and more respectful treatment for people struggling with substance use, as well as their families. Our even greater goal? To improve substance abuse recovery success rates.


What does “Evidence Based” mean, and why does it matter?

The idea that our programs are based on science and compassion is key to understanding what we do, and what you can expect from us. At Fusion Recovery, “evidence-based treatment” is not just a buzzword… it is what we practice every day.
There is a formula for change to occur, and the evidence tells us that real, lasting change relies on several important factors:

Treatment is a collaborative, respectful and non-judgmental process. That’s what we mean by compassion! Studies and clinical practice demonstrate time and time again that seeking help for these issues is really difficult for people…When providers are truly non-judgmental and collaborative, clients are more likely to open up to true and enduring change.

There are many paths to change, not “one true path”. Time and again, research has demonstrated that providing people with options, not backing them into a one-size-fits-all corner is incredibly powerful in helping them step forward into change, and into sustaining that change.

Changing your life, and thriving, is not just giving up a habit. Another critical element of research-supported treatment: developing a life that matters to you is a critical part of real, lasting change. Treatment at Fusion Recovery involves learning and practicing that new life, so that it becomes one you want! It also involves resolving any underlying long-term issues that have been fueling your substance use.

We foster motivation, not force you to work a program you don’t believe in. Change is hard, and you must value that change to implement it. Why? Because we don’t stick with things if we don’t feel they are worth it. Why quit substances if you’ll just feel more miserable? Effective treatment involves helping people find their own motivation to engage in this struggle, to do the work necessary, to understand how their values can be an important guiding light of motivation, and to develop the skills to ride turbulent motivational waters. We’re in it for the long haul. We don’t discharge clients if they have a relapse, we work with them to find out what isn’t working and modify their program.

Substance problems and addictive behaviors very often involve other emotional and psychiatric struggles… and attention to these issues has traditionally taken a back seat in social model recovery programs. Understanding that people engage in compulsive/“addictive” behaviors for many reasons is critical; this includes the fact that people cope with psychiatric and emotional problems (ADHD, depression, mood and anxiety problems, childhood trauma, relationship struggles) through using substances. Sometimes these problems are caused by substances; often however, they exist independently, and they need to not be ignored, or they will provide ongoing reason and motivation to continue with addictive behaviors.

Families, spouses, parents, grown children, and even friends can play a huge and powerful role in your positive change. We invite them into the process. Again, there is significant research support for those people staying involved. Sound different? Often, treatment programs discourage involvement and recommend detachment. Effective treatments include both learning to take care of yourself again and learning the skills to be an effective, loving and helpful family member or loved one. Our involvement with your loved ones isn’t limited to a “family week”, an educational class, or a group in which you get little time to work on your own issues. We work with loved ones in a more comprehensive way than any other program if they are willing to be part of your success.


The Path Forward

The first step in the process of change is your decision to take action. While there are specific and effective tools for making change, they are of little help without first making the difficult decision to use them. Our goal at Fusion Recovery is to help clients identify their own personal and compelling reasons for change through a thorough assessment. We then help you create a path you can truly endorse and get excited about.

We encourage clients to weigh the costs and benefits of their current behavior and commit to change for reasons that make sense to them. They are also encouraged to continually reweigh and recommit throughout treatment, as their reasons for changing will shift over time. At Fusion Recovery, we teach our clients core motivational, cognitive-behavioral, and relapse prevention techniques—the tools they need to support their ongoing decision to change. Clients learn to identify stressors and “triggers” to substance use and other compulsive behaviors, and develop effective coping skills for avoiding, reducing, and managing them. During this process, we help our clients consider and implement a wide range of beneficial lifestyle and relationship changes.

This positive, holistic approach is designed to help clients sustain real and lasting change. Focusing solely on stopping behaviors is rarely as successful as developing a richer and more balanced life that allows you to thrive. In addition, we use specific customized treatments at Fusion Recovery, depending on each client’s needs. These include:

- Outpatient Detoxification Services (via affiliated physician)
- Psychiatric & Medical Evaluation and Treatment (via affiliated physician)
- Neurotransmitter and PharmaCoGenetic Testing (via affiliated physician)
- Individual Counseling and Motivational Interviewing
- Group Counseling, Education and Relapse Prevention
- Family Counseling, Education and Support
- Mindfulness Training, Acupuncture, Recovery Yoga, Recovery Qigong and Massage
- BioFeedback Training
- Optional Appropriate Medication and Supplements
- Optional Outside Social Support Groups (AA, NA, Smart Recovery, Women For Sobriety)
- Random Drug Testing


Our Commitment

To provide comprehensive, cutting edge, research-supported treatment. At Fusion Recovery we are committed to the science of change. Evidence-based treatments, particularly motivational and cognitive-behavioral, are central to our practice and mission. While the traditional treatment community has long relied on ideologically-driven approaches (e.g., 12-step) – despite limited evidence of effectiveness – motivational and cognitive–behavioral approaches have achieved a robust track record of success over the last twenty years. They are rated as the most effective treatments available. Clients report high appreciation and acceptance of motivational approaches, while cognitive-behavioral interventions are effective across a wide spectrum of problems, help sustain the effects of treatment, and reduce the severity of relapses when they occur. We don’t discourage clients from participating in social support groups, in fact, we encourage it if they feel it will help them thrive.

To provide multiple paths and options for change. One size does not fit all. At Fusion Recovery we recognize that there are many paths to positive change. Evidence shows that people are more likely to embrace a course of action—to value, enjoy, and maintain new ways of living—when they have chosen that path themselves. We are less interested in telling clients what they should do, and more interested in helping them find a path that is consistent with their values and goals.

To work with all clients considering change (whether or not they are actually “ready” to begin changing). It is our commitment to help those who are just beginning to consider change as well as those who have fully decided. Ambivalence is natural, reasonable, and to be expected, both in the beginning and down the road. Reasons to change also vary from person to person. We help people weigh the costs and benefits of their current behavior (the costs may be obvious, yet they wouldn’t be doing it if there weren’t some benefit), and realistically evaluate the costs and benefits of change. We know that change is a long-term, sometimes bumpy process, and we endeavor to help our clients persevere. We also only use treatment techniques that encourage and cultivate the change process rather than stalling or actually ending it like confrontation.

To develop a customized plan for change based on client circumstances and goals. At Fusion Recovery, many paths to change mean a plan that fits each person’s needs. Flexibility is the key to helping. We are prepared to help people address the variety of compulsive behaviors, substance-related problems, and emotional issues that often complicate change. We offer a range of services and specializations. We also work with a wide variety of collaborating providers (both inpatient and outpatient) to whom we freely refer for services that complement each individual’s primary course of treatment.

To respect each client’s integrity, dignity, and choice. Compulsive behaviors are problems for people; they are not the whole person. We appreciate the potential for change in each person, no matter how much they are struggling or what stage of change they’re in. We help people feel empowered and attracted to change, instead of telling them they must earn it. And we offer a private treatment setting that is welcoming and encouraging to clients, with confidentiality as our highest priority.

To continually develop a staff of dedicated and accomplished clinicians. Good treatment requires good clinicians. Good evidence-based treatment requires clinicians dedicated to understanding the best, most current research, and capable of doing what works. It’s an exciting time in our field. Clinicians at Fusion Recovery are highly trained, experienced professionals committed to learning, growing, and honing our expertise in light of empirical evidence. We put science into practice, and we care deeply about what we do.


Life-Changing Treatment For Substance Abuse And Addiction

In search of a reputable drug abuse treatment center in San Jose, California? Fusion Recovery is one of the most established addiction treatment centers in San Jose, California. We offer a range of effective substance abuse treatment options and solutions to clients of all ages.

Our extensive experience and expertise in substance abuse treatment has enabled us to provide result-oriented solutions. Our aim is to empower you with the ability to overcome your addictive behavior issues in a safe and relaxing environment.

Whether you need drug or alcohol counseling, our team of qualified and certified professionals develop innovative treatment options for long term recovery and recuperation.

Our highly trained counselors work with compassion and empathy. They give you the support you require to begin a fresh life chapter, winning over your substance abuse struggle. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment.


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