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Drug Testing AtRehab And Recovery Centers- Purpose And Advantages


Drug testing is an accurate way of knowing if a person is taking any form of drugs. It may be used as a ‘diagnostic’ or a ‘preventative’ exam. This means that timely tests will tell you if substance abuse is occurring while random testing is used to prevent drug abuse.

Drug abuse treatment centers and recovery services conduct drug testing at various stages. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there are six different methods for testing drugs in the system. These include urine, breath, blood, hair, oral fluids and sweat as samples for drug testing.
Drug testing is randomly carried out at rehab centers because of following reasons and benefits:

Confirming admission eligibility into a recovery program

Upon admission, it is important for a center to know which drugs were used and what was the level of addiction. A drug test will determine details about a prospective participant for a substance abuse treatment. It is often a necessary step and admission depends on presence of appropriate drug test results.
Prevent drug cross reactions upon detoxification and treatment

Specialists cannot rely on information produced by individuals. It is necessary to know which drugs are in a patient’s body so they could be treated specifically for that. Detoxification or other treatments administered without prior testing may result in cross reactions between these drugs. This can cause harmful side effects instead of treating addiction.

Know if further drug abuse is occurring in enrolled individuals

Even after the participant is enrolled in the drug treatment program, a rehab center continues drug testing. It is either conducted at regular intervals or randomly. This is far more important for centers offering outpatient addiction treatment since it lets them know if drug abuse is still occurring.
Encourage enrolled participants to stay away from drugs
Recovery centers also use random drug testing to hold participants accountable for health and treatment. It is important that participants give up drugs completely before starting the treatment. If abuse occurs during the program, detox and other treatments will take longer.

Furthermore, there is always a chance that a person will relapse. Since this testing occurs at random, it encourages participants to avoid drug use.

Motivates people to attend counseling and group therapies

Substance abuse treatment usually starts with detoxification to clear the left over drugs out of system. It then proceeds with behavioral therapies, counseling sessions and peer group discussions.
Remember, the initial treatment only addresses drugs in the body and not addiction. This is where these counseling sessions and other programs come in.

Negative drug tests become a motivation for participants to keep away from drugs and attend these sessions regularly.
At Fusion Recovery, we include random drug testing at various stages of the treatment program to ensure complete recovery. In addition to substance abuse treatment, we also address mental health issues. Find out more about the services offered.


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