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Fusion Recovery Now a Certified Soberlink Provider


San Jose, CA - August 30, 2016 - Fusion Recovery, Inc., a dedicated group of innovative clinicians providing outpatient substance abuse treatment in Silicon Valley, California, has become a certified Soberlink provider. Soberlink is a reliable and discreet portable breathalyzer. The device uploads the results of an individual's test and securely stores their data in the cloud. Individuals who are being treated at Fusion Recovery can use Soberlink to eliminate time-consuming and costly visits to the lab.

"Fusion Recovery is proud to offer evidence-based treatments and cutting-edge services like Soberlink to our clients. Soberlink is the latest addition to our continuing care services that will improve outcomes for individuals suffering from alcohol abuse and dependence," said Michael O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer of Fusion Recovery.

Soberlink is easy to understand. It provides a user with real-time text message reminders and alerts. It also recognizes the features of a user's face, allows a user to customize their schedule for tests and can even detect tampering.
"The Soberlink product offers us new and exciting ways to help problem drinkers stay sober. It will help many of our clients remain accountable, stay sober and build trust with their families and themselves," said Therese Frey, Chief Executive Officer of Fusion Recovery.

Soberlink entered the market in 2011 and has since become the most-adapted substance abuse testing device. Soberlink's passionate pursuit of helping individuals choose sobriety drove its R&D team to develop SL1, the world's first smartphone-enabled Breathalyzer.

Soberlink is based in Huntington Beach, California. It remains at the forefront of innovation in the handheld mobile breath category of testing devices. The Soberlink system includes the patented Soberlink Cellular, Soberlink Bluetooth and Sober Sky Web Portal.


The team at Fusion Recovery chose to make Soberlink a part of their treatment offerings to clients because they are aware that each person has a different path to recovery. Soberlink is now integrated into the Fusion Recovery team's creation of a customized and effective treatment plan for each individual. Fusion Recovery provides outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. Our team blends traditional recovery, modern medicine, holistic treatment, psychiatry, and evidence-based group and individual counseling techniques. We thoroughly assess each client and craft a unique plan based on that individual's goals and values. Our mission is to understand the reason a person is engaging in substance abuse. Our treatment focuses on helping each individual start to resolve their underlying issues and simultaneously start to adopt a healthy and sober lifestyle.


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